According to the US Department of Energy, the leakage of air from the majority of homes is the equivalent of leaving a medium-sized window open at all times.  A home energy audit identifies problems, providing the targeted information and recommendations you need to make improvements.  Following through with upgrades trims anywhere from five to thirty percent, or more, on monthly utility bills, typically recovering the investments.  With Free Energy Audits, Precision Tech Home Services helps you achieve a comfortable, healthy, and efficient home in Manalapan, NJ and surrounding areas.

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Adhering to the practices and requirements of the Building Performance Institute (BPI), the qualified technicians from Precision Tech Home Services draw from equipment such as blower door, thermal imaging camera, and a range of health and safety testing tools.  By diagnosing the unseen problems that lead to energy waste, unnecessarily high utility bills, and polluted air quality, we create more comfortable, cost-efficient, and enjoyable homes.  Moisture issues, drafts, airborne contaminants, and overworked HVAC equipment are all consequences of flaws in the thermal envelope.  Call on Precision Tech Home Services at 732-655-6345 for further information, the professional assistance you need, and a Free Energy Audit.  We provide conscientious service throughout Manalapan, Englishtown, Marlboro, Monroe, Freehold, Howell & Middletown, NJ.

An Energy Audit from Precision Tech Home Services generally includes:

  • An assessment of energy consumption history
  • Indoor/outdoor onsite analysis using a blower door, thermal imaging, and a range of leading-edge technology
  • Recommendations for changes, upgrades, and improvements to reduce energy usage
  • An inspection of heating and cooling systems and appliances
  • Eligibility for state/national incentives and rebate information
  • Detailed report of findings and prioritized recommendations for improvement, including estimated cost and return value