12 Point Air Conditioning Maintenance & Safety Check if applicable
  • Examine and adjust the thermostat then
  • Scan filters
  • Lubricate all moving parts then
  • Inspect voltage & amperage to all motors with a meter
  • Look for adequate refrigerant charge & leaks
  • Check controls then
  • Observe all wiring & electrical connection
  • Install gauges & check operating pressure
  • Check condensate drain
  • If the humidifier is on the system, turn it off for the Summer then
  • Check condensate drain
  • Turn exposed dampers to cooling position
11 Point Heating Maintenance Requirements as stated in your protection plus plan
  • Examine and clean filters then
  • Inspect flue passageways
  • Inspect vent system
  • Check main burners for corrosion
  • Visual inspection
  • Clean flame sensor
  • Examine for gas leaks then
  • Scan & adjust the thermostat
  • Check all controls
  • Scanfurnace for cracked heat exchanger
  • Examine the complete furnace cycle which then
  • Turn exposes dampers to the heating position
Generator Maintenance Contract
Maintenance Includes
1. Overall condition of the unit
  • Checking for abnormal noises then
  • Leaking fluids
  • Excessive vibration following
  • Higher than normal operating temperatures
  • Unit is level
2. Fuel system and supply line:
  • Inspect flexible fuel line then
  • Clean all electrical connection points for leaks
  • Inspect unit for ear and tightness
3. Electrical connections:
  • Inspect connects in the unit and external splice box
  • Clean all electrical connection points
  • Tighten all electrical points
  • Apply anti-corrosion spray to exposed terminal points
4. Test electrical system:
  • Start unit and test voltage then begin
  • Checking proper voltage
  • Examine proper ground
  • Inspect proper neutral
  • Check proper hertz
5. Charging system and battery function:
  • Test internal charger for proper function then
  • Clean battery terminals then
  • Lubricate battery terminals
  • Check battery for proper DC voltage then
  • Check battery water levels
6. Engine cooling and lubrication system
  • Inspect oil level for excessive loss
  • Examine the oil for cleanliness
  • Clean air intake louvers
  • Clean exhaust ports of debris
7. Engine compartment and shell:
  • Clean debris from the inside unit then
  • Remove debris from the inside out
NOTE: All listed items will be performed twice a year. The following items are only performed once a year:
  • 1. Scan oil and oil filter
  • 2. Examine the air filter then
  • 3. Change spark plugs
  • 4. Adjusting valves for proper motor compression

**All additional maintenance or repairs will be subject to standard service rates.