5 HVAC Tips for your air conditioning in the Spring

With winter finally coming to an end, the warm weather begins to approach. With warm weather comes vital preparation for your cooling systems. Listed below are a number of easy and effective steps you can take in preparation for the warm weather and your cooling systems.

  • 1. Change furnace filter

As the season changes and warm weather approaches, your furnace filter is going to need maintenance. Therefore, replacing your furnace filter will improve airflow throughout your house.

  • 2. Clear areas near the outdoor unit

As a result of weather change throughout the fall and winter, there are going to naturally be leaves, branches, and dirt scattered near your outside unit. When the nice weather begins to approach, head outside and do a clean sweep around the outside unit.

  • 3. Clean the condensate drain unit

If the typical clean-up around the unit doesn’t help, try and clean the condensate drain. A tiny drainage hole in the base of a unit will allow you to remove any previous dirt, branches, or leaves. Using a wire to clean it out can improve airflow greatly.

  • 4. Have the ducts cleaned

A great way to prepare for the spring is to schedule a duct cleaning as the season approaches. Prior to turning the air conditioning on for the first time, hiring someone to clean the ducts will avoid any potential issues such as dust and mold accumulating.

  • 5. Purchase a smart thermostat.

A great way to prepare for the spring is with a smart thermostat. Using a smart thermostat provides a simpler understanding of your air conditioning. In addition, the smart thermostat provides lower utility bills, automatic settings at your house, and even the ability to change the temperatures when not home.

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