5 Types of Outdoor Lighting For Your Backyard This Summer

1. Flood Lights

So let’s start with the basics. One of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to outdoor lighting is floodlights. They pretty much act as all-around security for your home, especially at night. Floodlights are primarily used for practical purposes and can also be decorative since they illuminate large areas. One of the best spots for floodlights is on driveways and patios.

2. Directional Spot Lights

Directional Spot Lights are just about the best way to spice up your landscape. You can point it outward, downward, through the walls, and many other different ways to implement them in your landscape. Unlike floodlights, spotlights provide a narrow beam that you can point to a specific area, allowing you to choose what part of your landscape you want to accentuate.

3. Path Lightings

Another must-have fixture for every outdoor landscape is the Path Lighting. These lights illuminate certain areas with a subtle brush of light, keeping a lovely outdoor scenery. It is also straightforward to implement as they are highly versatile. You will notice quickly how simple lighting shifts could make such a massive difference to your outdoor area.

4. Step Deck Lights

If you want to take a step forward and are inspired to get more creative, step deck lights should also be on top of your list. One of the most common applications is installing them beneath or at the side of the steps to keep you and your guests safe at night. However, you have the autonomy to choose where you’ll put them as they’ll pretty much look great wherever you place them.

5. Pond Lighting

Last but not least, illuminating your pond by using pond lights is an excellent addition to your outdoor space. These lights provide a mystical glow that looks exceptionally well, especially at night. Whether you’re going for a mellow vibe or party night feel, you’ll never go wrong about installing a few pond lighting fixtures at your home. Contact Precision Tech Home Services for all of your outdoor lighting installations!


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