5 Ways To Save On Your Heating Bill


It’s getting to be that time of year where the temperature goes down and your heating bill goes up. It seems inevitable year after year, but it doesn’t need to have the impact it usually does. There are things you can do around the house to prepare for the colder weather while cutting down on that bill.  


Check for leaks

You could be losing heat and not even realize it. Air leaks can be found in walls, windows, ceilings, doors, lights, and even outlets and switches. While they could normally go unnoticed, keep an eye out for small holes or gaps and worn-out weather stripping. If you spot something, try holding a flame up to it, but be careful. If it flickers, it might mean you have a leak. 


Adjust the thermostat

Making small changes to the thermostat can make a big difference in lowering your heating bill. While you’re out of the house, lower your thermostat. This can save you up to 10%. It might seem a little tedious turning it up and down, but it’s a small price to pay. You can make things easier on yourself by investing in a smart thermostat and program it to make the changes for you. Smart thermostats are becoming more accessible and affordable, so maybe it’s time that you got one of your own.


Good Old Fashioned Sunshine

Keeping windows uncovered goes a long way.  When the sun shines through it gives your house a chance to heat up naturally. Since the rooms are staying warm, the heater won’t need to kick on. So let that light on in.


Shut the doors

Regardless of how much time you spend in your home, you can’t be in every room at once. Closing your doors is an easy way to prevent the heat from escaping and spreading across different unoccupied spaces.


Bundle up

One of the best parts about cooler weather is the opportunity to bundle up. Lay at home in your favorite sweatshirt or under your favorite blanket. Warming up this way is low effort and comfy but it could also mean you don’t need to turn the heat up as much.

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