Improve Your AC Service This Summer

Not everything you do for your air conditioner has to be high stress or high cost. These are a few simple things you can do to improve the way your air conditioning system runs.

Unblock Vents

Keep your home’s vents unblocked at all times. Sometimes, you can accidentally block a vent during a mild time of year. Make sure all vents in your home are unblocked by walking around your home. Take note of the things like paintings, furniture, or posters. These items can potentially block any of the vents in your home.

Close Your Doors and Windows

Make sure that you close and insulate your windows and doors. Insulate your home properly to keep cool air inside and warm air outside by closing your windows and doors completely. If you’re having trouble determining if you have the proper amount of insulation in your home. Precision Tech professionals can consult with you on this.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Ensure that your outdoor unit is clean and ready to use. If there are any leaves or other debris in your outdoor unit. Then it’s important to clean this system and make sure it’s ready to perform.

Make Sure Your Heat-Burning Appliances Are Off

Summer is the time of year when you might want to wait until the evening to run your dryer or do any type of baking. These activities increase the internal temperature of your home and will make your air conditioner work much harder to no avail. If you’d like to save yourself time, and money, and improve your comfort along the way, we recommend scheduling these activities after sunset.

Choose a Mild Temperature

What’s going to help you more than anything else is choosing a mild temperature for your home’s thermostat. We know that it’s easy to get into your home, notice that it’s hot, and then choose a chilly temperature on your thermostat. This isn’t wise though. If you choose a freezing cold temperature, it won’t be a temperature that you enjoy. If your home actually reaches that temperature, it’s likely that you’ll be too cold with it. Not only this, but it will typically take an incredibly long time to reach this point. It’s better to choose a mild temperature.

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