Indoor Air Quality

As the season changes, we are getting ready to close our windows and wait for the cold days of winter to come.

The biggest problem we encounter during this time is poor indoor air quality. Once we close our doors and windows for the season, all the germs, dust and pollutants get trapped inside with us. As many of us know, once and air born bug (i.e. flu, colds) gets into our homes – it is there to stay. Believe it or not there are other more troubling issues with poor air quality. Some other health issues include:

  • Irritation of your eyes, nose and throat
  • Shortness of breathe
  • Aggravated asthma and/or other respiratory issues

Breathing polluted air for long periods of time can cause more serious conditions to your health including but not limited to effects on your heart and cardiovascular system.

Here are a few options to help with these issues:

  • Change your air filters on a regular basis
  • Dust with a moist cloth, not a feather duster
  • If you have pets (i.e. dogs, cats) vacuum often – their dander is everywhere
  • Seal your attic off from your home by air sealing
  • Have your duct work inspected
  • Install an air purification system
  • Make sure your heating system is maintained seasonally. Furnaces do spread dust and germs
  • Install a UV light to kill up to 99% of germs

Call today to find out what options we can offer you!

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