Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC System

Faulty Capacitors That Can Cause Your System to to Be Done For

Each summer, people with dead air conditioners make many calls for air conditioner repair. Then they need some information on its replacement. That is not always the case.

The compressor in your air conditioning system is basically a heart. Hearts need jolts to start and keep running, as well as jolts to remain active. A capacitor located nearby connects the compressor to the capacitor causing the problem.

Similar to a rechargeable battery, the capacitor stores energy and manages the compressor’s starting and running. There are two main enemies of your air conditioner’s capacitor. Heat, and power surges. Two things that are in ample supply in the summer. Heat of course from those long hot days, and power surges from things like lightning strikes in those frightening summer thunderstorms.

When either of these claims another capacitor, it also accompanies another air conditioner repair. The worried homeowner breathes a sigh of relief when having to pay for the compressors’ capacitor instead of a new system!

A Dirty Air Filter Can Block Your Cold Air Flow!

Dirty air filters are another problem you may face during peak season. Simply by being present, the air filter in your system restricts airflow. Add to that, a totally blocked filter media from dust, dirt, and other foreign debris. This will leave your nice cool air flow blocked from cooling you and your rooms. It will create further problems.

Blocked or dirty air filters will cause your unit to cool unevenly. Further allowing some rooms to be too cold while others seem to be not receiving any cold air at all. Blocked filters can trap pockets of cold air in and around your air conditioner coils causing issues. These will eventually lead to water damage from the ice.

With all the talk in this past year about the quality of the indoor air that we breathe. Wouldn’t it seem to be in your best interest to not only change your air filter monthly but consider upgrading to a better filter choice! Air filter replacements are a part of any HVAC maintenance program, but it is also something that you as a homeowner can make sure happens every month, again protecting your investment.

Air filter upgrades and replacements are essential aspects of your HVAC maintenance agreement from Precision Tech.

Thermostat and Cooling Switch Issues

The thermostat of your system is essentially the user interface between you and your air conditioner.

Thermostats that are older ‘analog’ types may be out of calibration or have basic malfunctions. It could fail at any given moment, just like any other device in your home. Having a professional technician to come and properly diagnose any thermostat malfunctions tends to be one of the rather simpler solutions when air conditioners begin blowing less cold air. It is possible to inadvertently turn off the cooling switch.

Your thermostat is also much like the air filter in that now may be a good time to consider an upgrade! The newer and more efficient digital thermostats can implement the latest thermostat technology. To further make your older air conditioning system perform like new!

Keep Those Condensing Coils Clean!

An ‘Achilles Heel’ for your air conditioner is the large condensing coils found on the outdoor portion of your air conditioner. As the refrigerant attracts the heat from your home, the condenser coils eliminate the heat from your home. Then transfers it through copper tubing to the condenser, and as it weaves its way through that coil, the fan rushes across the surface to dissipate the heat.

In order to keep condenser coils clean, water must be flushed out, and aluminum cooling fins must remain straight. A dirty coil and bent fins can reduce your system’s cooling capacity causing it to, as you guessed it, blow less cold air! Both the condition of the condenser coil, and the condensing fan motor should be serviced at least semi-annually for maximum cooling capacity.

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