What Is Geothermal Energy?

Have you been wondering how to save money on your energy bills? If you’re ready to make some serious home improvements to help you not only make a better budget, but also aid in sustainability efforts, you should be considering geothermal energy.

It sounds complicated, but geothermal energy is where many green homeowners are turning to control the temperature in their homes. If you’ve been wondering how geothermal energy works, we have the answers you’ve been looking for.

If you’re looking for a sustainable way to heat and cool your home, geothermal energy is the way to go. Geothermal energy is provided deep under the earth’s surface, from the heat that radiates underground. It’s not quite as simple as digging just a few feet. This heat is found miles below the earth’s surface. Geothermal energy is generated by steam that activates a generator, providing energy. You may be surprised to learn that California uses the most geothermal energy in the U.S. Countries such as Iceland and the Philippines also use geothermal energy for much of their electricity. 

Geothermal energy is also used to generate energy in larger areas with the help of power plants. In fact, the U.S. is the leader in electricity generated by geothermal energy, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. West coast states, such as California, Nevada and Oregon benefit from these plants.

Cost Of Geothermal Energy

One of the biggest benefits for homeowners is that a geothermal energy system is budget friendly. Outside of the initial installation costs, you’ll be cutting down on your energy bills. Additionally, household geothermal energy systems tend to require less upkeep than your average HVAC unit. The average cost to repair a geothermal heating and cooling system is $593, with most homeowners spending between $198 to $968. Of course, this depends on the extent or repair you’ll need. A few signs you’ll need a repair is if you notice uneven temperatures in your home or if you hear sounds that aren’t normal coming from your system.

Benefits Of Geothermal Energy

As I mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits for homeowners who choose to use geothermal energy is the costs. Homeowners can save up between 50% to 80% on their energy bills according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If you’ve been looking for a way to dramatically cut your utility bills, see if a geothermal energy system is right for you.

If you’re working to make your home more sustainable, the EPA also reports that you can reduce your carbon footprint 50% by utilizing a geothermal energy system. Utilities that require gas and fuel are needed for many home energy systems. You’ll eliminate your usage by updating your HVAC system.

You can also consider the benefits for your overall home wellness. You’ll never have to worry about a noisy HVAC system with geothermal energy. You’ll also be reducing indoor air pollution as this is a cleaner system with less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. So not only will you have the added benefits of sustainability, but improving your home’s health as well.

Disadvantages Of Geothermal Energy

Of course, there are disadvantages that must be considered as well. One of the biggest disadvantages is the upfront cost. Installing a geothermal energy system can be expensive for homeowners and can’t be DIYed. You must call a contractor who can help you properly install this system. It may also take some significant remodeling if you plan to add it to the home you currently live in.

Another disadvantage is that it’s not as easily accessible in every area. It may require additional construction or parts to provide heating and cooling to your home. Most homes that use this energy are situated where there is geothermal activity such as volcanos or geysers. The west coast Is well situated for this but other areas of the country may not have the right rock depth that’s needed.


Understanding more about geothermal energy can help you better plan for the environmental impact your home has on the earth. If you’re looking to remodel your home or for a new home build, consider a geothermal energy system. It can help you cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint while staying comfortable in your home.

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