8 Tips to Prepare your Plumbing for the New Jersey Winter

With cold weather around the corner in New Jersey, your pipes are at high risk of damage. Ice forming can cause pipes to crack and burst, spewing water all over your home. Here are some of our tips to help prevent disaster.

1. Shut Off Outdoor Faucets

Shut off outdoor faucets at their shutoff valves. Then, open the faucet at the shutoff valve and drain all water out of the pipe. Any leftover water in there can still freeze and cause damage to the pipe so make sure to completely drain the pipe.

2. Disconnect Hoses

Hoses can cause water to back up into your pipe and freeze. The safest thing you can do is remove all hoses and store them for the winter.

3. Cover Hose Bibs

Covering hose bibs with an insulated cover can prevent heat loss from the pipe traveling out of the wall and into the cold. This is a cheap way to provide a little extra protection to your pipes.

4. Install Heat Cables

installing heat cables with an integral thermostat that detects pipe temperature is the best way to protect your vulnerable pipes. These cables will automatically detect when a pipe gets too cold and will heat the pipe back up to protect against freezing.

5. Shutoff Water Lines Before Leaving for Vacation

If you plan to leave your home for a few days or more, shutting off your water line can protect against excess damage. If a pipe does crack while you’re away, much less damage will occur with the water line off.

6. Insulate pipes in Vulnerable Areas

Adding insulation to a pipe in an area that does not get much heat can be very important. Insulation is only effective when being used along with a heat cable, and can actually be harmful without one. Insulating with a heat cable will make the heat cable more effective

7. Open Cabinets in Cold Snaps

Pipes hidden away in your cabinets do not get great access to heat. Opening your cabinets to allow air to reach these pipes is important during extra cold snaps.

8. Service your plumbing before it’s too late

Call the experts at Precision Tech Home Services to service and repair your plumbing before winter starts. We offer expert new design/installation, equipment upgrades, proactive maintenance, and effective repair. Find out more about our plumbing services or contact us about your home or business’s plumbing.

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