Can your Electrician Install a Tesla Charger?

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Installing an Electric Vehicle Charger is a complicated process.  It is not a task that we recommend just anyone take on. Because the electric car charger involves wires, cables, and electrical systems it is best to have an electrician perform the EV charger installation.  While it may be within most home electricians’ capability to install a Tesla Charger, an experienced one with a deep understanding of the process and products is recommended for someone looking to install an EV Charger at their home. Here at Precision Tech, we have the knowledge and experience to install these Chargers.

An electrician who is fully licensed and knowledgeable in electric vehicle charging stations can perform an electric vehicle charger installation. Most times the car charging station will involve connecting the home charger to a secured outlet. The EV home charger will be constructed and all the wires correctly installed and fitted. Safety tests, such as ensuring electrical spikes do not occur, and general tests, such as if the cable reaches, happen.

What is the Process of an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation?

When performing the electric vehicle charger installation the electrician will follow the guidelines of the EV company, such as Tesla. This is important because each charger is different and will need to be installed with different methods. 

Safety Precautions

Some of the many safety precautions involved in the electric vehicle charger installation are:

  • Do not install the EV charger close to flammable objects and areas as well as near combustible chemicals, vapors, and materials
  • Ensure that the circuit breaker is switched off during the installation process
  • The system cannot be installed in places that reach below -20 degrees Fahrenheit or above 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Private power generators should not be connected or the main electrical source for the charging station 

Planning the Location of the Charger

The charger will need to be installed in the correct location for the car to charge properly and safely, the considerations are:

  • Location – the wall connector charger needs to be installed on flat services that are vertical. The surface will need to support the weight of the charger, such as if it is a wall pedestal, and most weigh around 15 Lbs. Where the charger needs to be installed is important for the cable to properly reach without being strained. There also has to be enough room around the charger for the cable to properly wrap around. 
  • Wi-Fi – it is important that the wall connector is close to the Wi-Fi for it to function optimally. To maximize the strength of the Wi-Fi signal to the wall charger make sure the signal goes through as few concrete walls and other physical obstructions. 

Installing the Charger

The general factors of an electric vehicle charger station that an electrician will follow after planning where the system will be installed are:

  • Placing all the wires correctly inside of the charger box and ensuring that the wiring and electrics function correctly
  • Connecting the charging plug correctly to the charger box and testing if the charging point functions well
  • Mounting the box in place securely and ensuring that all the wires are correctly connected, such as to the outlet or electrical switchboard
  • A general safety test will be performed to ensure the plug and all other compartments of the EV charger function properly 

Professional Electrician Tesla Charging Station Services

Precision Tech Home Services offers the best Tesla and Electrical Vehicle Charger installation in NJ. We offer a variety of services in Manalapan, Englishtown, Marlboro, Monroe, Freehold, Howell & Middletown, the rest of Monmouth County, and elsewhere in New Jersey.

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