Can Ductless HVAC get you Through a New Jersey Winter

Ductless HVAC for the NJ Winter

Ductless, mini and multi-split systems are some of the most efficient systems to use in your home. These small units require nothing more than a small hole in the wall and electricity access to install, and they can heat up a room with ease. New Jersey can have an unpredictable winter, reaching extremely cold temperatures seemingly out of nowhere. So, you may be wondering if Ductless HVAC can get you through a New Jersey Winter, here is what we say.

Choosing the right System

There are many different types of Ductless HVAC solutions for your home. Choosing the right one will determine the efficiency in which your home is heated during the cold New Jersey months.

Low ambient mini splits

 are specially designed to operate at very low temperatures. Many can run at 100 percent efficiency down to 0°F and at decreased efficiency down into the negatives. As a result, these can work in many cold climates for much of the year without needing any supplemental heat.

Mid-level mini splits

run at 100 percent efficiency down to 20°F and typically require a base pan heater. These work well for heating moderate to cold climates.

Economy-level mini splits

run at 100 percent efficiency down to 30°F and may shut off at temperatures below 20°F. These are best for moderate to warm climates.

Higher-Heat Mini Splits for Extreme Cold

If you live in an area that experiences frigid winters, you will definitely want to consider a heat pump mini split system for when the temperature dips below zero.

What do we recommend?

Every home is different, and needs different needs, while these are good guidelines on how these systems function, your home may need more or less than what you think. The best decision you can make is to contact an expert at Precision Tech Home Services to ensure you are making the best decision for your home.

Give Us A Call For Ductless HVAC System Installations!

The slim indoor unit mounts up high on the wall and links, via a conduit, to a compact outdoor unit.  Targeting a single room or multiple rooms, ductless options automatically adapt to your requirements, raising or lowering speed to provide the perfect amount of comfort and lower energy use.  Quiet, safe, and clean, ductless mini and multi-splits allow you to control the unit to your liking.  Contact Precision Tech Home Services for more information, seasonal maintenance, and repair throughout Monmouth County, NJ.

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