How to Know if You Need Emergency HVAC Repair?

With the summer season round the corner, the need for ACs has increased tremendously. An efficiently working AC is what you need to beat the heat. From minor drainage issues to severe electricity faults, there are many problems that your AC can face. No one wants to feel uncomfortable at home, especially during the Summer season. Before you start feeling humid, it is better to get the HVAC repair done. Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC in a good condition. You should not wait for an emergency to occur before getting repairs.

Indicators of an emergency HVAC repair

1.) Unusual Air Conditioner Noises:

One of the most common signs seen by people is strange noises from their system. Many types of odd sounds are produced by AC. Strange noises are often produced when one of the components of the AC is damaged. You should not ignore such noises, or you might need a replacement instead of repair.

2.) Formation of ice:

Many times, people witness ice formations on the evaporator coil. Initially, you might start noticing water puddles under your AC. This generally happens when the evaporator coil freezes flowing through the copper tubes gets too cold. It further causes moisture in the surrounding air to freeze. This can also lead to freon leakage which is a dangerous substance for you and your family’s health. You should call HVAC contractors in NJ

3.) Your Ac isn’t working:

When people keep on ignoring the smaller signs, they end up completely damaging the AC. Your AC might stop working due to any reason, but if you try easy fixes like checking or cleaning the filter, changing thermostat settings, you might cause further damage. Professional HVAC emergency repair can help diagnose and repair the system.

4.) Weird electrical occurrences

There can be sudden breaker trips that might coincide with your cooling system. It is an alarming sign that there is something wrong with the electrical components of your system. Since HVAC systems draw massive amounts of power, such electrical occurrences can cause serious hazards.

5.) Spike in your electricity bills: 

You must have noticed that the electricity bills get higher during Summer and Winter. However, if you see a sudden and drastic change, it could be a sign of a wiring problem. You must consult a professional to understand the situation and get it resolved.

6.) Strange Smells:

AC units that are in good working condition will never give off a bad odor. Any type of burning smell emitting from your HVAC is not a good sign. Foul smells indicate either a chemical leak or an internal electrical problem. If you smell burnt wiring, shut down the cooling system and contact HVAC repair New Jersey right away. Any of the following signs and symptoms carry a very real risk of electrical fire and can be disastrous to your home. Get your HVAC repaired to avoid any mishappening.
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