What does It mean When Your Heater Makes These Noises?

Water heaters are used almost all the time in all the households. It is one of the most overworked and underappreciated devices in a house. Most people install a water heater and never look back at it.

As long as it provides hot water, no one finds any need to get it repaired or maintained. We assume the water heater is doing its job until one day it starts making noises.

Does your water heater make weird and scary noises? Well, it is quite common for water heaters to make noise after many years of service. If your water heater is making noises, and you have no idea what’s wrong, here is how to understand the problem.

5 Common Types of Noises Made by Water Heaters

We have covered the most common noises made by water heaters to understand the reason behind the noise.

  1. Popping Sounds:One of the most common sounds produced by water heaters is a popping sound. A popping sound is generally produced when your water heater gets excess mineral deposits or sediments at the bottom. The areas that get a supply of hard water start witnessing this problem quite early. The minerals like lime, calcium, sand, or debris travel through water and stick to the bottom of the water heater. This build-up keeps on increasing and finally starts trapping water beneath the sediment.However, the good part is that this problem can be easily solved. All you have to do is contact Precision Tech heating repair in Holmdel, and we’ll remove the build-up for better performance of your heater.
  2. Screeching Sounds:Screeching sounds are another common type of sound produced by water heaters. Generally, screeching sounds indicate water flow restriction. This sound is heard within some time and is very hard to ignore. It happens when the inlet control valve on the water heater is partially closed. It prevents water from freely flowing through pipes. Your plumber can check the valve to make sure it’s open or will open it if closed. Another reason for the screeching sound is that the blower motor belt needs repairing.
  3. Crackling Sounds:Crackling sounds are more commonly seen in gas-powered water heaters. It happens when there’s condensation on the burner. If this is the reason, then there’s nothing wrong with the water heater. You can use our heating installation services in NJ to get a new water heater if the sounds annoy you much.
  4. Rattling Sounds:Rattling noises are commonly heard when your equipment becomes old. Generally, the rattling sound is produced when parts of the water heater become loose. It can be bolts, nuts, screws, or fan blades. The only solution to this problem is to get it checked and repaired by a plumber.
  5. Sizzling Sounds:The sizzling sound is commonly heard when there’s a leak in the water heater. When leaking water drips onto the burner, a sizzling sound is produced. You might even notice that your water heater stops producing hot water, or you’ll see water around the heater due to leakage. If this is the case, it is better to get your heater replaced. You can contact heating installation in Holmdel to get your problems solved.

If you have been hearing any of these noises in your water heater lately, look for water heating installation services near me to find the nearest plumber. The professional will check your machine and let you know the solution. However, you shouldn’t ignore any of these noises.

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